Tropically warm and humid with coast day temperatures averaging 28c and water temperature 28-31c.  April to November tends to be drier, and November to April wetter. 

What to Wear
Light and casual.  Bring a light sweater for cooler evenings. Shorts and tee-shirt for swimwear are the order of the day on Lalae.  Wide brim hat is recommended along with sunscreen.  For visiting villages, ladies need to "cover up" with a lava-lava/sarong and a shirt.

Commonwealth, United States and most West European visitors to not need holiday visas but must have a return or onward ticket.  People intending to work must have a work permit.

Airport Tax
SBD$40 payable by passengers boarding international flights.

Malaria is present in Solomon Islands.  Consult your doctor at least 2 weeks prior to departure about an appropriate brand of anti-malarial medication.  The best way to avoid Malaria is not to get bitten.  This means repellent all day, especially around dusk.  Lalae carries a first aid kit comprehensive enough to cover most situations.

$50, $20, $10, $5 and $2 Solomon Island notes; coins are $1, 50c, 20c, 10c, 5c.

Business Hours
Government and some business offices are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 4:30pm with a one hour lunch break normally beginning at noon.  Shops and some offices open Saturdays 8am to noon.

National Bank of Solomon Islands, ANZ Banking Group, Westpac are open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 3pm.  ATM's are available at some branches.

Local, trunk and international calls may be made from public card phones which are in prominent locations in Honiara and provincial centres.  Telephone cards are readily available though shops, hotels and Telekom offices.  Telekom also provides facsimile, and other services from it's offices.

Taxis and buses are a great way to get around Honiara and are readily available or you can rent a car from Budget.

240 volts in Honiara and some outer island centres. 

Radio, Television and Newspapers
The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation broadcasts daily in English and Pidgin.  ZFM 100, WAN FM and Paoa FM have a mix of local, regional and international music and news.

BBC World is broadcast on a daily basis in Honiara only. The Solomon Star Newspaper is available weekdays and features both local and international news.

War Relics
The Solomon Islands was the site of some of the most fierce fighting in the Pacific Theatre during WWII.  As a result the islands are littered with both land and sea based relics.  Solomon Islands law forbids unauthorised export of war relics retrieved from either land sites or sunken wrecks. Consult the National Museum of Solomon Islands for advice.

Travel Insurance
You are travelling well off the beaten track, travel insurance is highly recommended.