Solomon Islands Links

Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau For up to date information on Solomon Islands.
Battle for Guadalcanal John Innes, historian and WWII expert conducts tours which will take you to the battlegrounds both on land and at sea. 
Dive Gizo Owned and operated by Danny and Kerrie Kennedy.  Superb diving, snorkelling, sight-seeing, tours and other activities.  Come and see the "best of the west".
Tulagi Dive Dive an array of WWII Wrecks, pristine reefs.  Only an hour away from Honiara
Yandina Plantation Resort Set among the 99 islands of the Russell group.  Superb diving, beautiful resort.
Honiara Hotel Honiara Hotel located only a few minutes from the city centre.
Technisyst Solomon Islands For all your computing needs.  Located in Panatina Plaza, Honiara.

Solomon Airlines

Solomon Islands National Airline
Hombupeka Island Hombupeka Island, Western Province


Demon Jigs For those that actually want to catch fish
PT-109 Expedition Report on the loss of PT-109
National Geographic National Geographic PT-109
Kiwi Wildlife Bird Watching and Pacific Tours
Travel Notes Very organized travel directory providing country/state information, reviewed web sites, regular travel articles, and online ticketing for car hire, hotel reservations and discounted flights.