Ken Fishing Dan with a Kingfish Fighting Blue Marlin Reelax Fighting Chair Sailfish Sail Steve collecting his prize at a Fishing Competition
Sail FishSteve at Tetepare with Trevally

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Lalae can take you to some of the finest fishing spots in the Solomon Islands.  Bottom fishing, trolling, night fishing are all catered for.

The waters of the Solomon islands are virtually unexplored for big game fishing.  The waters are unspoiled by commercial fishing.  You can troll along the sheer drop-offs for Spanish mackerel, Wahoo and dog-tooth tuna or try the reefs for giant trevally, red bass and coral trout.  

The serious game fishermen can pursue Pacific sailfish, blue, black and striped marlin and yellow fin tuna.

Lalae is equipped with Penn Reels and Reelax Fighting Chair.  You can use our equipment or yours.  We also have hand lines available for lighter fishing.

Lalae's fishing trips are not a murderous slaying of innocent piscatorial inhabitants.  Tag and release is becoming very popular throughout the world and Steve and Elmah are promoting it in the Solomon Islands.  Lalae is part of the New South Wales Fisheries Tag and Release programme with all data being returned to them.  The angler also receives a certificate from New South Wales Fisheries as part of the programme.

For those keen for fresh fish on the dinner plate, there is no need to panic.  Tagging is on a case by case basis, depending on size, species, condition etc.

Waiting for the big one! Steve with 40lb Kingfish Elmah with Dolphin Fish Ken Fishing Mark with Kingfish Steve with a King Fish

Blue Marlin on Deck